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Your Failure Resume

We’ve all flopped before. Bombed. Fell flat on our faces.

Failure hurts. The humiliating, maddening feeling of failure represents a place we never want to return. As the saying goes, failure is the best teacher.

It’s taken me awhile to come around and change my thinking to view failure as an opportunity.

Sometimes it takes a significant screw up to look inward and reflect.

Why did I miss the mark?

What part of my process brought me this kind of feedback?

What habits of mine caused me to fall short?

The path to success has never been a straight line, and becoming familiar with feelings of failure can help us grow in ways that we never expected.

We all have our run of the mill resume, right? A running list of our accomplishments, affirmations, and big wins that define our work ethic and measure our success.

But what about our failure resume? A catalog of the times we fell flat, missed a deadline, or let down a friend.

Because of how much I’ve learned from my own failures, I’m being vulnerable and putting it on the line, right here and now: here’s a quick list of my most notable shortcomings (the ones that have come to mind right away, at least) that make up my failure resume:

-In my freshman year of college, I was nearly fired from my first job at the mall for arriving late to my shift so many times.

-I missed a red eye flight to Utah earlier this year and didn’t make it to my sister’s bridal shower. Because I booked cheap tickets, I couldn’t recoup any of the value with a new booking or a refund.

-I applied to speak at two conferences in the photography world this year and I was denied for both. One of which I had spoken at the year prior to a classroom that was standing room only.

-I recently fell short on a deadline by a lot (a lot, a lot) and disappointed a dear friend in a big way.

Let’s confront our failures. Let’s be better.

I know that despite my faults, I am successful. I have tried and I have struggled to arrive where I’m at now. I deserve to be more compassionate with myself, but I also have a lot of room for improvement.

I have the power to turn my failures into advantages. So do you!

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