Olivia Carson is a copywriter.

                             a photographer. 

                             a content creator.

                             a lot of things.

I'm Olivia Carson – writer, photographer, and tastemaker in training. Whether I'm capturing a portrait, putting pen to paper, or filming an unboxing video, I believe
in paring things down to the essence

without removing the poetry.

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Paid & Organic Reach

Whether it's CPC or on the feed, authenticity is essential to build trust and credibility with the customers you covet. 

As a powerful tool to build loyalty and convert customers, UGC offers exceptional storytelling capabilities with a human touch (because the last thing your customers want is another factory-made campaign with stuffy scripts and stock photos).

That's where I come in.

The content creator you partner with should be strategic, discerning, and committed to your vision. Thanks to a couple of college degrees and a career in Corporate America, my expertise has been tried and tested to the tune of eight figure marketing budgets. With my love of the arts and affinity for aesthetics, you've got a killer recipe for content that converts.




Words matter. Words inspire. Words are a catalyst for connection. The right words can open entire universes of passion, possibility, and potential. Let's find the ones you're missing. 

You didn’t sign up to be a writer when you decided to do what you love for a living. From one creative type to another: You're not alone. Three cups of coffee in and still starting a blank screen? Been there.

In a world where “good” copywriting is saying the most in the fewest words, I'm here to spill the greatest secret of all: You don't have to abandon your artistry for compelling copy. In fact, your words can convert and match the beauty of the work you create. I'll show you how.

Copywriting for Creatives



Stills & Styling

Inspired art direction and elevated imagery designed to resonate with affluent audiences and discerning clientele.

When your content strategy calls for authentic, face-t0-camera video and polished editorial photography, cover all your bases with a creator who can do it all. With over a decade behind the camera, photography is my first love and greatest passion. I've spent years capturing luxury wedding celebrations, high-end fashion editorials, and carefully curated commercial productions for brands around the world. As part of my content creation services, I offer photography and art direction for commercial storytelling with lifestyle flare.



Fueled by equal parts kombucha and passion, my years as a photographer had me spinning in my chair with giddiness.

"Hang on, I'm getting paid to create?" 
"Hang on, I'm getting paid to create?"

Dream job, right?

If there's one thing I've learned over years of peering through a tiny viewfinder, it's this: Greatness exists in the inconspicuous and overlooked details. I've carried this philosophy with me as a copywriter and a content creator with heart. 

Whether I'm capturing a portrait, putting pen to paper, or filming an unboxing video, I believe in paring things down to the essence without removing the poetry. From where I sit, this work is about so much more than likes and followers. Beauty, connection, and purpose are woven throughout the human experience. Here, it’s at the center of every story we'll tell.


Hey there! I'm Olivia Carson.