What’s my why?
      I root my approach in memories and lived experiences.
      As a wedding photographer, I am offered an invitation to a family’s sacred space. There, it’s my duty to serve my clients selflessly, authentically, and organically. Every wedding I photograph is the event of a lifetime!
      I take pride in being a lighthouse for my brides and grooms. By taking a calm, slow, and intentional approach to a day that can run a thousand miles an hour, I believe the photos we make together will be that much better as a result. I pour my heart into serving you fully and collaborating closely on a shared vision in order to better tell your unique story.

      what people are saying

      "If I could think of one word to describe Olivia as a photographer, it would be intentional. Olivia made such a point to get to know Brandon and me as a couple and it really showed in our photos. She did an amazing job of capturing our love for each other as well as our individual personalities. We are SO thankful we chose her as our wedding photographer because we can look back on the photos and relive so many sweet moments of the day due to the way she captured them. Not only are the quality of her photos incredible, but she has such a calm and sweet presence about her that made us feel so comfortable while taking photos. We highly recommend hiring Olivia to capture such an important day!"

      -Colleen and Brandon

      what people are saying

      "I absolutely loved working with Olivia, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for something more than just beautiful photos. She has an amazing way of capturing people and moments, especially those soft by magical ones which are often overlooked in our daily lives. Not only is she a source of constant encouragement but also gives helpful directions to get that perfect shot. She makes you feel at home in front of the camera to let your true self shine!"

      -Lia Lee

      what people are saying

      "I never realized the importance of having not only a talented photographer but a thoughtful one as well. I was so impressed with Olivia’s desire to know our love story, our likes, our dislikes, and our overall goal for the wedding day. She took the extra time to meet with us and really work her art around our crazy lifestyle. I was hesitant at first to go all out with a photographer not knowing how much I would cherish these moments. Every time I open my computer and my phone, I see moments from our beautiful day. When I'm missing my husband or wanting to reminisce, I can do so easily. Olivia blew all expectations out of the water. I can’t emphasize enough how thankful I am to be able to hang these photos in my home and have them in an album. Their beauty is incomparable!"

      -Emilee and Ittay

      what people are saying

      "Brad and I were talking about how down to Earth and easy it was to connect with Olivia. There are two black and white photos where I'm giving Brad a hug and I literally teared up. It's such a perfect example of how I feel for that magnificent man!"

      -Meryl Craft

      what people are saying

      "Olivia was a joy to work with. She was super warm and friendly and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. She knows just how to capture and work with available light, which is especially important when shooting on unpredictable days in Seattle. We are so happy with the way she captured our engagement, our relationship, and our personalities. She loves her craft and it shows in her work!"

      -Karen and Shyam