1. Bon Appetit has a way of making the most elevated, untouchable dishes accessible and within grasp. After months of binge-watching their fabulous original content on Youtube (this includes the entire “From the Test Kitchen” playlist multiple times and the wildly entertaining “Gourmet Makes” series), I finally converted and became an online and print subscriber. I have never subscribed to a magazine before, and I understand at this point it’s nearly old school, but I’m so looking forward to having a stack of these magazines on my coffee table. From watching their how-to guides on Youtube throughout the past six months, I’ve learned to make the flakiest double-crusted pie from scratch without melting the butter, how to make kombucha at home, and that everything sweet ought to have a little bit of salt. Their Cyber Week Sale is still on, and for just $10, get the foodie babe in your life a year’s worth of tasty hosting and cooking inspiration. Plus, they’re throwing in a cute “Don’t worry, eat happy” canvas tote that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Bon Appetit, $10
      2. Frankie & Jo’s plant-based ice cream is an absolute must-stop for me when I visit Seattle for a last-minute film purchase. It’s always soy free, vegan, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious! I’m *this* close to abandoning traditional ice cream altogether because Frankie & Jo’s blows everything out of the water. My favorite pick is the Tahini Chocolate flavor, which is always ridiculously creamy and the texture is 100% perfect no matter what. A pint of this stuff has never lasted longer than a day at our house. Frankie & Jo’s, $52
      3. Consider this a follow up to item number two on this list… Take your plant-based ice cream to the next level by drizzling this charcoal-activated salted caramel over the top. Frankie & Jo’s, $15 
      4. Stunning and beautifully functional. This Dutch Oven will help to make warm and filling meals this winter for whoever receives it. Le Creuset, $140 
      5. This lovely cookbook has been my go-to client welcome gift lately. Not only are the recipes in this book beautifully photographed, but they’re also so intentionally curated. Recipes in this volume feature home cooking that takes its cues from the kitchen gardens and forest harvests of the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here in the Northwest my entire life and I have no plans to leave- I’m in love with the way this book elevates the vibe and culture of my home here through thoughtful recipes and the togetherness of a shared table. Target, $19 
      6. Because a Moscow Mule wouldn’t taste as good if it didn’t come in a cool copper mug. Williams Sonoma, $39.95 
      7. The grain of this American Black Walnut serving board makes it a luxurious choice for hosting and serving charcuterie. Make & Stow, $220
      8. Serve these tasty, curated Mediterranean bites on your Make & Stow board¬†and you’ve got an instant party. Delallo, $79