Gift giving is one of my love languages. The holiday season is my favorite time of year because my mind is brimming with how I can give my loved ones the classic one-two punch of a thoughtful, deeply personal and all-around awesome gift that I know they’ll love. This is the first time I’ve shared a full-fledged gift guide outside of the ledger I have going in my head (usually it translates to some messy scrawl on a piece of notebook paper as I scour Cyber Monday deals and survive the December 23rd mall rush). I had so much fun creating this gift guide series with wedding planning brides in mind, particularly the non-traditional ones (hello my people).
      When I was married in 2016, my husband and I had a small, intimate wedding in Northern Iceland, so some of these selections are inspired from what I learned as a bride who eloped!
      This guide was thoughtfully curated to feature some of my personal favorites from brands and makers that I trust and value. It’s my hope that through this selection of items, you can sense my love and appreciation for independent makers, quality, sustainability, beauty, and utility. I hope that this guide (the first in a series of three I’ll be releasing this week!) will inspire you to think outside the box for the bride in your life (even if it’s you- treat yourself).
        1. The Instax instant camera by FujiFilm is an instant classic! I love the way that this fun little camera creates cool, low-fi images that make even the simplest of moments look like something special. Plus these cameras come in all sorts of cute colors. Don’t forget the film to go with it! Amazon, $49.99
        2. You won’t leave your passport behind when it’s in a sleeve that’s this cute. Anthropologie, $24
        3. This luggage is certainly on my wish list this year! Besides the sleek design and the fun colors, this carry-on comes prepared with a battery that charges your phone. Perfect for when all of the charging kiosks are taken, or worse, when your terminal doesn’t have outlets at all. Away, $225
        4. This Moisturizing Moon Mask by Glossier is a staple in my skincare routine, and perfect to keep your skin fresh and full for long-haul international flights. It’s great for all skin types and made with some fabulous ingredients, including hyaluronic acid. Think a face mask is too extra for a flight? You’re en route to your wedding! Embrace the extra! Glossier, $22
        5. This wide angle lens mounts right onto the camera of your iPhone to take your smartphone photography game to the next level. Use this to capture your ceremony destination at the summit of a mountaintop or your favorite honeymoon memories, like your favorite Reykjavik fish and chips spot or a rickety boat bobbing on the waters of Lake Como. Moment, $99
        6. Backpacking to your ceremony spot? Use this Rose Hibiscus soothing face mist to be fresh and glowing at the top! Herbivore Botanicals, $32
        7. Among other things from your wedding, these water-resistant, full-grain leather hiking boots by Danner will last a lifetime. Plus, they’ll look rugged and cute peeking out from under your wedding dress. REI, $359
        8. I keep my S’Well bottle on hand at all times. I love being able to have a chilled sip of water, even if it’s twenty-four hours after I packed ice in the bottle. Perfect for hiking and keeping on top of your water intake on the plane. Stay hydrated, my friends. S’Well, $35
        9. Preserve a stem or two from your wedding bouquet to take home and treasure with this compact flower press. At just five inches by eight inches, you can fit this in your carry on bag. Etsy, $26
        10. Whether you’re on the beach, at the top of a mountain range, or atop a cliff over a rugged seashore, your vows won’t be waving around in the wind on a piece of notebook paper when you have heirloom vow books. Made of a luxe velvet with a custom monogram, these vow books will look stunning in your photos and live on to be family treasures. Etsy, $80
        11. My friend Anna has brought the idea of the “wedding sweater” to life and I can’t love it more. Shrug on this cute knit from Everlane over your wedding dress when you’re backpacking to your ceremony in a national park, being photographed on a black sand beach, or when you’re exchanging vows in the woods. Everlane, $130
      My next gift guide is hitting the blog tomorrow with ideas geared for the foodie bride! Stay tuned for inspiration for the bride who can’t decide between three different food trucks and a craft cocktail bar at the wedding. See you then!